Monday 1 November 2010

red velvet art.

Words can't quite describe how much I want to hope on a plane over to the US to visit this enchanting little shop. The brainchild of Elsie, her sister Emma and friends Rachel and Holly, Red Velvet Art is a glorious mixture of handmade accessories, vintage goodies and delicious cupcakes and, of course, bubble tea.

I don't really get much satisfaction from high street shopping - I get frustrated when I'm standing in a generic chain store and there is no character about the place. I'm always looking for the complete shopping experience, somewhere that feels welcoming and quirky, rich with brilliant little trinkets to be discovered. I think that's what I love so much about RVA, it looks like the kind of place where you can go and play dress-up.

I can't, however, see myself going over to the States anytime soon, so I shall have to make do with reading the girls' blogs. I shall definitely be keeping an eye on A Beautiful Mess to see what crafty ideas she comes up with for the holiday season, and From Scratch makes me want to crack out the food mixer and the cupcake cases.

Man, I wish I was more creative!

Images belong to Red Velvet Art.

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