Friday 5 November 2010

this week.

  1. Fireworks - I know that some people find them a nuisance and I will admit that it sounds like a war zone outside, but I feel a certain childlike glee whenever I see fireworks. The best thing is that we didn't even have to leave the flat to see them. Result!
  2. Waitrose pizza - myself and Cardy used to have a tradition, 'Pizza and Glee Night'. Every Monday we would stick two pizzas in the oven and would then delight in the cheesiness of Glee. But then something changed. More to the point, our usual pizzas changed and we weren't able to find a suitable substitute in Brixton. Today on my lunch break I decided that it was time to try something new, and it would seem that Waitrose has stood up to the test. Bravo Waitrose. Bravo.
  3. Making my own jewellery - I'm by no means a pro at this, but I still find it highly enjoyable. At the moment I'm perfecting my memory wire bracelet technique. Seed beads are addictive!
  4. Spontaneous dinners out - I got out of work early on Tuesday and rang Cardy to see if he wanted to meet up and go out for dinner. Half an hour later we were sitting in Wagamama, chatting and enjoying not having to cook. It was really lovely and unexpected.
  5. My new Riedell Vandals - my new skates are AWESOME. Slightly scary, but awesome. I managed to get up to 20 laps on Saturday. Still not 25, but getting there


  1. I have skate envy! I want the Vandals with those awesome blue wheels hehe! Congrats on 20 laps, you'll soon be hitting minimum skills laps in no time for sure!

  2. Hee hee, they are beasts! But the wheels are far too slippy on the floor we train on so I'm considering buying some Poisons. And thank you on the congrats : )