Wednesday 31 October 2012

crafty photo scavenger hunt - october 12.

1 - Inspiration.

I sang at a friend's wedding on Friday and had to wear navy and gold.  These amazing Tatty Devine earrings were the inspiration for my look.

2 - Something I Made. 

I saw some sugar skull garlands on Etsy and decided to make my own.  The project has been sidelined as other, more pressing things have come up, but I'm hoping to have a string of these fellas by next Halloween.

3 - Supplies.

A small snippet of my makeup bag and a snapshot of my shameful Urban Decay addiction.  You can never have too many eyeliners.

4 - Cosy.

I bought this quilt in a cute little shop in Cambridge a number of years ago - I'm so happy it's got cold enough for us to bring it out of storage and snuggle under it.

5 - Motifs:  Halloween.

Nothing says Halloween like The Nightmare Before Christmas.

(As I forgot to take these over the weekend I had to take them in the dark last night - challenging doesn't cover it.)