Sunday 30 September 2012

crafty photo scavenger hunt - september 12.

1 - Something I Made.

I made these autumnal leaf garlands after being inspired by a tutorial on A Beatiful Mess. Very easy to put together and they really add a warm splash of colour to the flat.

2 - Inspiration.

Inspired by a recent forum thread asking what you would chose if you could only ever read one book for the rest of your life.  Douglas Coupland is my hero.

3 - Drawings/Doodles.

A collection of Ghibli creatures that I doodled a while back.  My favourite has to be the mouse and fly from Spirited Away.

4 - Season's Change.

My favourite thing about autumn is cracking out my coats.  This embroidered one isn't quite thick enough to wear in the winter, so it's a definite seasonal favourite.

5 - Motifs:  Music.

Mementos of gigs I've been to since moving to London.  I pretty much worship Tori and believe Garbage is one of the best bands in the world.

Sunday 16 September 2012

this week.

  1. Cowboy Bebop - the boy and I have been keeping our eyes peeled for this series on DVD for months now, but unfortunately they split it into multiple discs for the European market and each disc will set you back upwards of £20. Luckily our DVD player is multi-region, so I took to Amazon and bought the complete series for the boy's birthday. Completely in love. Can't wait to meet Radical Edward for the first time!
  2. Home cooked steak - I don't wish to blow my own trumpet, but I can cook a mean bit of steak. Apparently cooking slabs of meat is generally considered to fall into the remit of the man of the house, but in our flat the boy stays out of the kitchen and lets the magic happen.
  3. Coat weather - I had my first official coat wearing outing last week - exciting!
  4. Long weekends - I took a few days off work to recharge the batteries.  Feeling fresh as a daisy going into the new week!
  5. Our huge new Dunny collection - one of my favourite Flickr contacts offered me a deal on her Dunny collection that I couldn't refuse.  We used to have 15 - now we have 40!

Sunday 9 September 2012

this week.

  1. The Paralympics - the Paralympics haven't just filled the void left by the Olympic Games, but they have been such a source of inspiration.  I think it's a fantastic opportunity for disabilities to be portrayed in such a positive way and I really hope that this gets people talking about it rather than avoiding the subject for fear of causing offence.
  2. Gift Shop Brooklyn on Etsy - I want to buy everything in Gift Shop Brooklyn's shop, it's all so beautiful.  I recently bought a grape metallic purse from her which now serves as my make up bag - it makes me smile whenever I see it in my handbag.
  3. The 'Zelda Busker' - I was so moved when I heard a busker on the Underground playing 'Zelda's Lullaby' on the harmonica that I had to go back up the escalator and give him a fiver.  He absolutely made my day.
  4. The first LIPS rehearsal of the autumn term - bring on the Christmas concert is all I can say!  Feel great to be singing with those lovely ladies again.
  5. Free food - they've just opened a new Wagamama in Fulham Broadway and my friend managed to get us two tickets for a free meal.  We each had a free side, main and two drinks, just for telling them how they were doing.  Score!

Sunday 2 September 2012

dusting off vera.

I took Vera out for a little spin today.  

While setting up the 'hearts' photo for the CPSH I discovered that two blank canvases make a fantastic backdrop.  

So my Dunny collection got some camera time.  I love taking photos of these things, the colours and shapes are so fun to capture.

The rest of the photos are on my Flickr.

september goals.

  • Finish my gift for Baby G.  Goodness me I'm looking forward to having this finished!
  • Start eating more healthily in preparation for my ACL surgery - I think I'm going to have to start using the Wii board more regularly to track my weight.
  • Wear in my brown DMs.


Wiki tells me that aestivation, the practice of remaining dormant during the summer months, is only really observed in reptiles, amphibians and a host of creepy crawlies with shells.  I think that more mammals should get in one the action.  The Spanish have the right idea with the siesta - this should be rolled out across the rest of Europe when it gets hot.

I suppose that this serves as an excuse as to why I haven't posted anything in so long.  That and the never ending craft project that I'm working on for my friend's not-so-newborn daughter.  I tend to find the summer quite soporific and find my creativity wanes.  Now that the temperature has started to drop and is more suited to hot chocolate rather than iced coffee, I'm starting to feel more awake and 'with it'.

I managed to pull together my August contribution to the Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt in just three evenings, so it looks like I'm definitely getting back to my old self again.  I also spent today taking photos of collectables, and I'm intend on getting back into my monthly goals and end of the week updates.  Long live autumn!