Monday, 18 July 2011

little luxi.

I haven't taken photos of my Pullips since... April 2009 if my Flickr is to be believed. So I decided that my Toybox submission this week should be of my old favourite, my Chill who I renamed Lux. I find them frustrating to pose as I'm so used to BJDs but it was really fun having a big head and huge eyes in front of the camera again.

More on my Flickr.

sugar pink.

I finally plucked up the courage to make something from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook my Nan bought me for Christmas. As it's my birthday tomorrow I thought I would make some vanilla cupcakes for extra celebratory treats.

I was feeling a little bit nervous when I started mixing the flour, sugar and butter together as it was very different to the method I was using before, but I'm so glad I stuck with it and saw it through. The recipe said to whisk the milk, egg and vanilla extract in a bowl before adding to the flour and sugar mix, and it resulted in a much smoother batter.

Once the cakes were cooked and had started to cool I set to work on making my first ever batch of butter icing.

I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to basic old icing. This stuff is positively sinful. I am so excited to sample one tomorrow!

this week.

  1. My best friend moving to London - my best friend from uni has just moved down to London so we went out for dinner this week. We've already made rough plans to meet up again soon, it's so great having her closer!
  2. Post-choir drinks - it's birthdays-a-go-go at choir this week so we went out for a celebratory drink on Thursday evening. It was so much fun, I need to socialise with the lovely Lips ladies more often!
  3. Lunchtime drinks - it's also birthdays-a-go-go at work we went out for drinks for Friday lunch. I was treated to G&T, olives and sausage and mustard - lovely!
  4. Office presents - seeing a theme? The girls gave me some early birthday gifts on Friday morning. I got some baking goodies and a gorgeous purple Le Creuset mug.
  5. Hoovering wooden floors - after the dreadful cream carpet in the previous flat, hoovering is a geeky domestic goddess treat!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

this week.

  1. Reaching 100 posts! - this is my 100th post! It's taken me long enough. I hope it's all killer and no filler.
  2. 64 Colors' Nature Spirits Dunny - I managed to score both of the 64 Colors 2011 Dunny on eBay. They're making me very happy this week.
  3. Desigual's Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection - Desigual have released photos of some of their new collection. I already have a wishlist.
  4. The Killing - we watched the first two episodes on Thursday and I was very impressed. It doesn't have the usual flash of American crime shows, it looks very stripped back. I guess it's because it's Danish, it has that stripped back realism that I've seen in Scandinavian productions.
  5. London Rollergirls Season Championship - we spend most of yesterday in Earls Court watching the Championship play offs. A huge congratulations to everyone involved, it was a brilliant event. The Storm Troopers doing the rounds were amazing too!

Friday, 8 July 2011

nature spirits.

I managed to get my hands both of 64 Colors' contributions to the Dunny 2011 series.

To say that I'm smitten would be an understatement.

More photos can be found on my Flickr.

Monday, 4 July 2011

july goals.

  • Take loads of photos of Neko and Blythe when they come home.
  • Bake at least one batch of cupcakes.
  • Have a go at sewing something, whether it be a felted plush or a really basic doll dress.
  • We found a new flat and have moved in! I think I managed to stick to my brief and myself and Cardy are already feeling right at home.
  • I did wear a skirt once, but unfortunately the weather wasn't really on my side!
  • Neko and Blythe aren't home yet so I wasn't able to take any photos of them, but I have started to take more photos of my collections.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

cassis & cream.

I decided that Lenore, my Minifee Ryeon, deserved some camera time today.

The rest of the set is on my Flickr.

this week.

  1. Our new flat - yeah, I know that this was one of my favourite things last week, but as all of our stuff was still in boxes last week and now we pretty much have everything unpacked, I think it's different enough to count. We've still got some things to find homes for, but we're more or less there!
  2. Having proper book shelves - in our last flat we opted for a huge display unit from Ikea and while it was good for dolls and other delicate things it really wasn't so great for books. And all of our DVDs lived in a big box and didn't really see the light of day. Now we have two big shelving units that hold all of books, DVDs and lots more.
  3. The rose garden out the front of the flat - we have some lovely rose bushes outside, the smell is amazing when you walk out the front door and the wind hits you just right. They provide a lovely splash of colour too.
  4. My roller skate doorstops - we were looking for a doorstop and I chucked one of my old skates there as a temporary solution. It actually looks rather cool! Looks like it's now become a permanent fixture.
  5. Pancakes - it doesn't need to be Pancake Day to make pancakes. Nothing better on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

kitchen critter.

One of my favourite critters next to my favourite mug. I'm trying to make my new kitchen as colourful as possible!

lazy sunday.

This was the first weekend in a while that we've not had to think about packing or unpacking, so we decided to kick back and relax. Yesterday we popped into central London to buy some bits for the flat. Our new sofa is white so I bought some lovely purple cotton throws last week, so of course we needed some new cushions to match. We're also on the hunt for some pasta/noodle/curry bowls as our previous ones belonged to our landlord. Cardy had the grand idea of buying one each that we really liked - I bought a lovely one from John Lewis with a poppy red reactive glaze. Cardy still wants to shop around.

Today we have pretty much done nothing but do a bit of shopping. I decided that I fancied some pancakes for lunch so I broke in another one of the hobs on our 'new' electric cooker (I say 'new' because it's new to us). I bloody love pancakes with a sprinkling of sugar and a dash of lemon juice. Glorious.