Sunday 19 February 2012

this week.

  1. Pancakes! - I love this time of year, pancakes ahoy! I'm all about lemon and sugar, yum!
  2. Sugardoll's shop - I had a little shoot with some of my Sugardoll clothes today. They're so well made and the designs are so cute.
  3. Lunchtime Wagamama - what more can I say?
  4. The office pub quiz - so my team came last and most of the questions were circa the 60s, but it was still great fun!
  5. Having my old bedspread back - Mum came down last weekend and brought my old spreadsheet with her. It's so gorgeous and makes the bedroom look so much cosier.

black & white.

Oh my word Figma are fun!

same sweater, different flavours.

The light this afternoon was glorious, so I took some photos of Juno and Naomi in their sort-of-matching sweaters from Sugardoll. Plus some portraits, just because.

I want that metallic top in my size!

Sunday 12 February 2012

this week.

  1. Figma - having seen how amazing Cardy's Hatsune Miku Figma is, I decided to treat myself to two figures that I've been admiring for a while. Miku is now joined by Drossel von Fl├╝gel and Black Rock Shooter. Photos next weekend!
  2. Camera Bag II - I saw this in the app store last weekend and thought I would give it a try. For around £20 it was definitely worth it. I used it to process the Miku photos I took last week and found it extremely easy to use.
  3. Hazelnut coffee - absolutely gorgeous, especially in winter when you want a bit of variety in your hot drinks.
  4. Garbage gig tickets - hell yeah! Excitement!
  5. Lighter evenings - it's now not pitch black when I leave the office. I'm looking forward to bright, sunny evenings with good light for photos!

Monday 6 February 2012

our first figma.

Cardy bought the Hatsune Miku Append figma last week and oh my word I. am. in. love.
The detail is stunning for such a small figure - she's only about 14cm tall. I've just received the Black Rock Shooter and Drossel figma, so they'll have some camera time this weekend.

Oh, and now I want mint green hair.

february goals.

  • Have 25% of my super secret knitting project done.
  • Get back into taking photos with my proper camera every weekend.
  • Continue with my physiotherapy no matter how awkward or painful it might be, especially the silly balancing thing.