Friday 31 August 2012

crafty photo scavenger hunt - august 12.

1 - Something I Made.

This is a sneak peek of the project I've been working on for my friend's wee girl.  I'm so excited about finally finishing it and being able to give it to her.

2 - Inspiration.

My parents bought me this pendant when they were in Vancouver earlier this year.  I'd previously been a firm believer that one shouldn't mix metals when it came to picking jewellery, but this beauty has me completely converted.  It's antique with turquoise, silver, copper and brass.

3 - Old.

We live in a 1920s mansion block in South London and it's full of period features.  My favourite would be the door fittings, especially this handle which has been painted many different shades over the decades.  The white top coat has been worn down so you can see the other colours underneath.  I like that it's a little glimpse of the flat's history.

4 - Surprise.

This category had me stumped, but tonight's dinner provided some much needed inspiration!

5 - Motifs:  Hearts.

I was lucky enough to nab one of these Skelanimal artist proofs from the amazing Lunabee - he's number 26 of 40.  I love his little red heart against the pink and white detailing.