Sunday 3 July 2011

this week.

  1. Our new flat - yeah, I know that this was one of my favourite things last week, but as all of our stuff was still in boxes last week and now we pretty much have everything unpacked, I think it's different enough to count. We've still got some things to find homes for, but we're more or less there!
  2. Having proper book shelves - in our last flat we opted for a huge display unit from Ikea and while it was good for dolls and other delicate things it really wasn't so great for books. And all of our DVDs lived in a big box and didn't really see the light of day. Now we have two big shelving units that hold all of books, DVDs and lots more.
  3. The rose garden out the front of the flat - we have some lovely rose bushes outside, the smell is amazing when you walk out the front door and the wind hits you just right. They provide a lovely splash of colour too.
  4. My roller skate doorstops - we were looking for a doorstop and I chucked one of my old skates there as a temporary solution. It actually looks rather cool! Looks like it's now become a permanent fixture.
  5. Pancakes - it doesn't need to be Pancake Day to make pancakes. Nothing better on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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