Monday 18 July 2011

this week.

  1. My best friend moving to London - my best friend from uni has just moved down to London so we went out for dinner this week. We've already made rough plans to meet up again soon, it's so great having her closer!
  2. Post-choir drinks - it's birthdays-a-go-go at choir this week so we went out for a celebratory drink on Thursday evening. It was so much fun, I need to socialise with the lovely Lips ladies more often!
  3. Lunchtime drinks - it's also birthdays-a-go-go at work we went out for drinks for Friday lunch. I was treated to G&T, olives and sausage and mustard - lovely!
  4. Office presents - seeing a theme? The girls gave me some early birthday gifts on Friday morning. I got some baking goodies and a gorgeous purple Le Creuset mug.
  5. Hoovering wooden floors - after the dreadful cream carpet in the previous flat, hoovering is a geeky domestic goddess treat!

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