Sunday 9 September 2012

this week.

  1. The Paralympics - the Paralympics haven't just filled the void left by the Olympic Games, but they have been such a source of inspiration.  I think it's a fantastic opportunity for disabilities to be portrayed in such a positive way and I really hope that this gets people talking about it rather than avoiding the subject for fear of causing offence.
  2. Gift Shop Brooklyn on Etsy - I want to buy everything in Gift Shop Brooklyn's shop, it's all so beautiful.  I recently bought a grape metallic purse from her which now serves as my make up bag - it makes me smile whenever I see it in my handbag.
  3. The 'Zelda Busker' - I was so moved when I heard a busker on the Underground playing 'Zelda's Lullaby' on the harmonica that I had to go back up the escalator and give him a fiver.  He absolutely made my day.
  4. The first LIPS rehearsal of the autumn term - bring on the Christmas concert is all I can say!  Feel great to be singing with those lovely ladies again.
  5. Free food - they've just opened a new Wagamama in Fulham Broadway and my friend managed to get us two tickets for a free meal.  We each had a free side, main and two drinks, just for telling them how they were doing.  Score!

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