Sunday 2 September 2012


Wiki tells me that aestivation, the practice of remaining dormant during the summer months, is only really observed in reptiles, amphibians and a host of creepy crawlies with shells.  I think that more mammals should get in one the action.  The Spanish have the right idea with the siesta - this should be rolled out across the rest of Europe when it gets hot.

I suppose that this serves as an excuse as to why I haven't posted anything in so long.  That and the never ending craft project that I'm working on for my friend's not-so-newborn daughter.  I tend to find the summer quite soporific and find my creativity wanes.  Now that the temperature has started to drop and is more suited to hot chocolate rather than iced coffee, I'm starting to feel more awake and 'with it'.

I managed to pull together my August contribution to the Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt in just three evenings, so it looks like I'm definitely getting back to my old self again.  I also spent today taking photos of collectables, and I'm intend on getting back into my monthly goals and end of the week updates.  Long live autumn!

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