Sunday 20 January 2013

this week.

  1. Vows by Kimbra - I loved Kimbra's breakthrough single, 'Settle Down', but I did worry that she might be one of those artists where I lovelovelove one song but struggle to get into the rest of their material.  How wrong was I.  One of my favourite albums in a while.
  2. Friday evening - man, this week was looong.  Never before have I been so happy for Friday evening to come around.
  3. Snow - I can't help it, I always feel a sense of childlike glee whenever we get the white stuff.  I like it even more when it results in a 'snow day', but alas, no luck just yet.
  4. My HEATTECH leggings - I'm officially a convert to HEATTECH by Uniqlo aka Japanese magic.  Just what you need to layer up in this weather.
  5. The Hawkeye Initiative - The Hawkeye Initiative sets out to highlight sexism in super hero comics.  The challenge is simple, you take a panel displaying a female comic book character and replace them with Hawkeye from The Avengers, ensuring you copy the facial expression and pose.  If he looks ridiculous, you can safely say that the woman is being portrayed as a sex object.  The results can be quite hilarious.

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