Sunday 27 January 2013

this week.

  1. Winter sunshine - we woke up to brilliant sunshine yesterday morning, just what you need after a dull, cloudy week!
  2. Chorizo - I this may be my favourite cooking ingredient.  There's a picante variety that they sell in Waitrose, which I chop, saute and then stir into chopped tomatoes with garlic, olive oil and pepper.  It's amazing on pasta, and a really quick and easy mid-week dinner.
  3. Lunch with my parents - they came down to London today to see me before I go in for my op, and it was great to catch up over noodles and edamame.
  4. The HMV sale - I'm a bit gutted that HMV could be closing down, it's a great place to mooch around when you find yourself on the high street, but I won't deny I'm enjoying the sale.  We picked up the last two Battlestar Galactica seasons today for about £9 each - score!
  5. Imogen Heap's magical musical gloves - I can't stop watching this video.  I remember when she was recording Ellipse and would play us snippets in her video blogs, they would be so short and always left you wanting more.  To hear a new song in its entirety feels like several Christmases have come at once.

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