Saturday 12 January 2013

seeing stars.

Last night, as I was walking up Sloane Street on the way to my bus stop, I saw a bright flash of light in the sky travelling north.  It lasted for a few seconds, burning bright white, then orange before it fizzled out in a little puff of sparkles.  When I got home, I found out that the boy had seen it in Brixton too.  After comparing notes, we decided that it must have been a meteorite.  Having looked on Twitter, it looks like some other Londoners came to the same conclusion.

I love space.  When I was a young girl I used to go to the astronomy club in the local village and I've never really grown out of it.  I think it's science at its most awe inspiring and beautiful.  So it doesn't come as much of a surprise that I can't get enough of space themed design.

Here are some of my favourite shops.


I've been a fan of gemagenta for a while now (her 'Lingerie' collection is simply stunning), but she's really outdone herself with her new 'Under This Moon' range.  

The concept is simple.  If you have an anniversary that you want to commemorate, or a memento of a special night, you send her the details of when it happened and where you were, and she will create a moon charm showing the lunar phase for that location at that time, with the date carved on the back.  I really want one, I just don't know what occasion to pick! 


I've seen quite a few shops selling space/nebula printed goods lately, but ShadowplayNYC really takes it to the next level.  They don't make up their graphics, oh no, they use images captured by the NASA/JPL-Caltech, Hubble Heritage Team.  The results are simply stunning.  I'm especially tempted by the Moon Infinity Scarf (pictured above).  As I've said before, space provides us with some of the most beautiful naturally occurring phenomenon, and these pieces show it off in all its glory.

Plus, bonus astronaut helmet photo...

Julie Nolan

I think I first saw Julie Nolan's work featured in an Etsy email promoting zodiac themed items.  She produces gorgeous, minimalist silver pieces representing different constellations.  I've often thought that if I were to ever get a tattoo I'd go for a star map, so her style is right up my street.

She doesn't only do the twelve zodiac constellations.  I really love her Cassiopeia cuff (shown above) and Orion pendant (below left).

Orion, Andromeda and Pegasus constellation pendants


I haven't ordered anything from Threadless in a while, but having looked through their space section today I think I'm going to have to start saving my pennies!  I need the design above, Galaxy Tunes, in my wardrobe.  


All photos are taken from the owners' respective sites.

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