Sunday 6 January 2013

this week.

  1. The new year - I know that some people feel a bit flat at this time of year, Christmas is over and we still have a few months of winter to get through, but I actually relish the feeling of starting with a clean slate.
  2. Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill collection - honestly, designer fabric is to me what crack is to an addict.  Love the stuff.  And this collection is pretty special.  I think I can hear the cogs in my mind whirring with crafty ideas.
  3. Steak and chips - there's nothing quite as satisfying as a well seasoned and well cooked chunk of meat.  I made us celebration steak yesterday to mark three years since we moved in together, and three years since I moved to London.
  4. Star Wars Scalextric - yes, this actually exists.  I think the 'Battle of Endor' set is my favourite.
  5. The school holidays - my morning bus journey to work has been blissfully quiet this week.

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