Friday 17 April 2009


I'm on the train to London to stay with Cardy for the weekend. I'm looking forward to being in the city again - the last few days at home have been too quiet for my liking. I'm definitely a town mouse.

I've been having dreams about my MiniFee girls arriving. In some dreams I want to take photos of them but I can't find my camera - in others I have really grubby hands and can't touch them. Akiko at Vitta Vera sent me an email yesterday to let me know that photos of their clothes should be in my inbox soon. Perhaps that will take the edge off things? Then again, it may make it worse.

Waiting for the MiniFees has instilled me with the need to throw myself into my Pullips and Dals. I've bought Hero a new outfit - Rovam's stock! I'm looking forward to her being a proper pirate. There has also been a shift in the Dal tribe. My two Dals have been renamed Vesper and Video, and I have plans to get three more, all with names beginning with V (to tie in with the Roman numeral for five). Vesper and Video certainly have much more personality now. I've ordered a new wig, dress and teddy for Vesper, and the two of them along with Hero are getting boots from Ixtee.

All in all, a good week in Starla's dollhouse.

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