Tuesday 16 June 2009


I haven't updated in nearly two months. So much has happened and if I were to try to write it all down it would take too long. So here is the bare bones:
  1. My MiniFee girls arrived, the heads were sent off, presumed lost and then turned up safely at Silvia's. They're having their face-ups done after over a month of looking like ghosts.
  2. The three Dals turned up and have been causing havoc in their own bratty way.
  3. A very enthusiastic hairdresser has given me the Annie Lennox look.
  4. I left my job.
  5. Myself and Cardy celebrated our first anniversary and decided that we are going to move in together.
So yes, it's all changed rather a lot. I've also started saving for a MiniFee Miyu. I'm not sure what to call her as of yet - I seem to flit from one name to another. All I know is that she's going to be a redhead.

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