Wednesday 8 April 2009


I often chastise myself over the state of my Pullips' wardrobe. None of them have what I would consider to be a 'complete' outfit and only a few of them have shoes. I did have a finished outfit for Lux, but then I Obitsued her and now her leggings won't go over her bum. Oh the shame.

This problem must be resolved. I will, somehow, find the funds to kit out my girls. I'm considering selling some of my Bleeding Edge Goth dolls - I've worked out that if I sold off my whole collection for around £10 a piece I could raise over £800. When I get the dosh I think that adequate footwear will be the first thing to tick off my list. I'm aiming to get all my girls a pair of Ixtee boots. If I could make them clothes I would, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to search further afield for those.

In order to make sure that my resin girls don't suffer the same fate as the vinyl gang, I've put in an order with Vitta Vera. Photos will be posted when the outfits arrive!

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