Thursday 2 April 2009


In my haste to leave the house this morning I failed to eat a proper breakfast. All I had was a pitiful portion of honey nut cereal. I found myself snowed under by a blizzard of printing and photocopying and, despite my plummeting blood sugar levels, I didn’t manage to consume anything until after midday.

The sugar is filtering gently into my system. I can feel it, like a tingling under my skin. It’s glorious.

Cardy has begun to read The Sandman. I’m so glad that he’s finally giving it a go. Neil Gaiman is a literary genius. I need to do a photo-shoot with my Endless girls next week.

Daphne is finished but I feel that Lux needs an eye of Horace to look legit. And then I need to attempt to sew.


  1. Eye of Horace?

    or Horus...?

  2. You're right, it's Horus. I'm obviously not as big as mythology buff as I thought!