Friday 15 October 2010

this week.

  1. The Chilean Miner story - call me soppy, but it was so heart warming to see the fantastic concluison to what could have been such a tragic story. I have been struck by the number of people who will openly tell how they had tears in their eyes watching footage of the capsule rising to the surface. It's rare that we have something positive and reaffirming on the news, and I am so happy for the miners and their families.
  2. Live bouts - on Saturday myself and Cardy went to our first roller derby bout and it was amazing. We were there for five hours and, despite feeling rough as hell due to a sore throat, I had a briliant time. Cardy was so impressed that he not only bought himself one of the team t-shirts (The Harbour Grudges - boy has good taste) but he's planning on getting himself some
  3. Napoleon Dynamite - this was our Sunday evening entertainment. I'd watched it with Cardy a while ago and didn't quite 'get it', so it was good to watch it again and understand the humour behind it. I definitely appreciate it a lot more, and I wish I could draw unicorns that
  4. My new pencil case from TokyoInspired - I couldn't resist this fabulous pencil case from TokyoInspired on Etsy. Comical cats are always
  5. Hot Vimto - I don't tend to drink that much coffee when I'm at work and so I will be relying on hot Vimto to warm my cockles over the winter months.

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