Thursday 23 July 2009


It was my birthday on Sunday. I meant to write a blog to mark the occasion, but I was so caught up in enjoying myself that the thought fluttered out of my mind like a slightly dizzy butterfly with mild amnesia. Not that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting such a creature.

To anyone else it probably looked like a pretty unimpressive day. We had a deliciously lazy morning which included opening cards and presents in bed. Cardy bought me a Moon Jar and the most exciting necklace that managed to combine two of my favourite things; graphic novels and Lego. My parents had given me my gifts before I left; an amazing pair of metallic blue DMs and an oddly cute Ice Bat plush.

After watching some Derren Brown on 4oD (my current poison) we got reasonably glammed up and headed out for my birthday treat - dinner at Wagamamas. In order to make sure we had worked up a sufficient appetite we went for a leisurely stroll along the south bank, stopping on occasion to bask in the period charm of the Globe or stare in awe at the industrial presence that is the Tate Modern (and so I could hoist up the damned tights that I had to wear in order to give my glorious purple skirt a public airing - I do try to be lady-like).

I ordered a glass of ginger beer, a chicken katsu curry and an extra portion of red pickles. Bloody brilliant. Cardy finds it amusing that I always go for the same thing, but I love it so very much! We returned home full of sticky rice and noodles and continued the Japanese theme by watching Spirited Away, then went to bed and played 'I Spy' in the dark until we fell asleep.

All in all, a brilliant birthday and a fantastic start to my 23rd year!

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