Friday 3 July 2009


Well summer is here in full force and I feel as though I'm gradually melting. The air is hot and humid and there isn't enough rain.

On a positive note, the heat is bringing out some rather interesting finds in the garden. I've been informed by the lovely regulars at the gardening corner that this is a Crocosmia 'Lucifer'. All I know is that it looks pretty.

The summer also means it's tennis season and I have found myself addicted to Wimbledon. A few evenings ago when watching the Murray-Wawrinka five set epic, Cardy taught me how tennis actually works, and now my enjoyment of the sport has increased. Brilliant stuff, and a very patient boyfriend!

I've also enjoyed some lovely lighting, so I have been busy with the camera. Tigerlily and Ophelia are home and they are making the most perfect models.

I am so utterly in love with them. There shall be plenty of more photos to come! I've also decided that when she arrives, my Miyu shall be called √Čtoile. It was Cardy's idea.

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