Sunday 17 June 2012

this week.

  1. Old school X Files - the boy and I have grown a little tired of the constant re-runs that they seem to favour on evening TV these days, so we tend to cycle through our collection of DVD box sets.  We're one episode away from finishing off season two of The X Files which is one of my favourite series ever (I used to stay up late as a child and wait for my parents to go to bed, then sit really close to my tele in my room so I didn't have to turn the volume up - used to scare myself silly).
  2. Nikujaga - this is a Japanese recipe that the boy had picked up after seeing the dish referenced in a manga he's reading.  So good I had seconds!  I think it's going to be part our staple diet some winter.
  3. Glitter ballerinas from Mango - I can't quite believe I'm going nuts over a pair of silver glitter shoes with a bright orange trim, but I think I must have them!  I may have to get them for when summer finally arrives.
  4. Space Channel 5 - finally!  I've discovered a game I can play better than the boy!  Space Channel 5 was released in 2002 for the Sega Dreamcast and features a funky space reporter, Ulala, who must defeat a race of aliens by beating them in a dance off.  It even features Space Michael Jackson.  Amazing.
  5. My parents' holiday snaps - the parental units have been in Canada and Alaska for the past three weeks and now they're home they've started to load some of their photos onto Facebook.  There's some stunning stuff there, the Rocky Mountains are extremely photogenic.  

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