Tuesday 19 June 2012

#1 musical crush.

When I was around 17 I was very briefly in a band.  I was drafted in last minute after the previous singer walked out due to 'artistic differences'.  It was all a bit high pressured and frantic, but I managed to learn all the songs in time for the gig and had a half decent stab at fronting a rock band.  But the real legacy of the experience is that, after the band's founder likened me to a 'young Shirley Manson', I rushed home and did some research so I didn't appear hideously uncool.

And so began my love affair with Garbage.

One of my friends lent me her copy of Beautiful which I listened to on repeat, especially 'Cherry Lips' (much to my parents' delight), but it was when I bought Garbage and Version 2.0 that my mind was truly blown.  Growing up in the era of Avril and Britney, and being pretty straight-laced if I'm being honest with myself, finding a female vocalist with such a raw, powerful voice was something of an epiphany.  And she wasn't this tougher than tough punk chick with a lip ring and tattoos (don't get me wrong, I think Brody Dalle's stunning but it's not really my look), she was fun and colourful with hair reminiscent of Agent Scully.

It's nearly a decade later and I'm still a huge fan of their work.  In May I finally managed to fulfil a long standing dream by seeing them perform live, and the next day I bought myself a ticket to see them again  at the Brixton Academy in July.  Yes, I've grown and changed over the last ten years, and so have they, but this is one love affair that won't be ending soon.

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