Sunday 25 December 2011

this week.

  1. Christmas - this year Cardy and I are at my parents for the holiday season. We've had a fab day, a brilliant dinner and a Doctor Who special. Good times.
  2. Getting over my fear of wearing dresses - I've never really been a dress girl, but since having my surgery and being forced to wear a leg brace for six weeks I've got rather used to wearing leggings and dresses. So on Wednesday morning I treated myself to some fancy frocks in Desigual (where else?).
  3. Silver nail polish - robot fingers!
  4. Bob Bob Ricard - I went to BBR with some of the girls from the office. AMAZING. I had my first ever chocolate fondant and I am now officially in love.
  5. Watching reruns of She-ra on YouTube - yeah, I'm a cool kid.

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