Friday 10 June 2011

this week.

  1. Our pretty new flat - Cardy and I went to see a flat on Tuesday and both instantly fell in love with the place. It's in an old Victorian Mansion block - fresh white wall, wooden floors and a bay window in the living room. Gorgeous. We should be moving at the end of the week - eek!
  2. Thunderstorms - we had a huge downpour complete with thunder this morning. I wasn't too impressed at first as I was caught up in it and got soaked through, but once I was inside and the thunder started it was all worth it.
  3. Being naughty at lunch - I was so happy on Wednesday when I heard that we'd got the flat that I decided that my normal cheap lunch just wouldn't do. So Wagamama Ginger Chicken Udon it was!
  4. My new photo project - I was really struggling to take an interesting photo every day so I've decided to stick to one really good one once a week. I'm enjoying getting back to grips with my proper DSLR too - as much as I do love Hipstamatic on the iPhone it doesn't really compare.
  5. Photoshop 'Actions' - I hadn't heard of these until I saw them mentioned on one of my Flickr contact's photostreams. A few searches later and I had a small library on my Mac. As I'm easing myself back into photography it's nice to have something to help with the post-processing.

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  1. I do like the new Blog and the fact you're back using the DSLR again...
    I must let you play with my new camera some time!