Tuesday 13 April 2010


I remember an afternoon in 2008 when Cardy suggested we go to the Apple Store on Regent Street. I was not best pleased. I don't know why, but I'd got it into my head that Apple was the source of all evil (I don't know where I got that notion from).

Over the last two years he has obviously converted me. For Christmas 2008 my parents bought me an iPod Nano. And on Saturday I finally bit the Mac bullet and bought myself a MacBook Pro.

I am absolutely in love. I can't work out why I haven't stopped using Windows sooner. This really is a dream machine.

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  1. I try to explain that to people who are still on windows and they don't believe me. I was the PC girl until my school literally FORCED me to get a mac. I thought I'd hate it but once I was used to the interface (read 2 weeks later), I would never want to give up my Mac for anything.

    Both systems have their problems and pros but for now at least, I'm perfectly in love with my macbook pro.

    Congrats on getting yours and I hope you have fun using it!