Monday 11 February 2013

this week.

  1. Not having to wear compression stockings - I had my two week follow up this morning and I've finally been given the go ahead to take off my compression stockings.  Hurrah!
  2. Chinese takeaway - the boyfriend was a real sweetheart on Saturday and ran out to get us some Chinese food.  He's a keeper.
  3. Evangelion: 2.0 - we started watching the NGE series on YouTube and picked up one of the films in the HMV sale.  It left us both with that slight 'what just happened?' feeling that so often accompanies the final moments of an anime, but it was very good none the less!
  4. My Lego VW Campervan - this was a present from my amazing parents!  It took me about a day and a half to put the thing together.  I can't get over how detailed it is!  I'll have to take photos as soon as the light permits.
  5. The Postal Service tickets - I don't know how I managed to do it, but I managed to snag two tickets for the boy and I to see The Postal Service live in May!  I was so thrilled at the time that I had a little cry.  Just last month we agreed that this would be our dream gig, but we didn't think they would ever tour again.  So stoked!

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