Tuesday 5 February 2013

this week.

I was in a miserable mood on Sunday, so here is my belated list:
  1. My boyfriend - I'm struggling to do much for myself at the moment, and things like cooking are out of the question, so the fact that he's there to look after me, and the fact that he doesn't moan about it, is pretty amazing.  
  2. Painkillers - 'nuf said!
  3. My thick slipper socks - they're keeping my feet warm AND they have non-slip pads.
  4. The new series of Being Human - I'm so glad this is back on TV.  Even though the original three cast members have been replaced, I think the new series is going to be good.
  5. Having parcels in the post - we have some surprise bits and bobs on the way and I also have some things to pick up from the office when I'm back at work.  Exciting!

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