Monday, 31 December 2012

crafty photo scavenger hunt - december 12.

1 - Inspiration.

I've been really into metallics recently, due in part to this amazing bag from Gift Shop Brooklyn.  It's hand painted leather, graduating from copper with a purple undertone to a gorgeous gunmetal.  She's a real sweetheart too and is happy to work on commission pieces.  I really can't recommend her enough.  

2 - Something I Made.

I made two loaves to take to my parents' for Christmas.  The first was pistachio, the second was this chocolate and coffee loaf.  I had worried that it might look a bit brown and plain, but I found this amazing gold glitter spray for baking.  It definitely makes an otherwise boring looking loaf look really festive.

3 - Gifts.

As you may have already noticed, I'm a bit of a collectable junkie.  The boy bought me this fantastic Dunny by 64 Colors as part of my Christmas present.  

4 - Tradition.

As far as traditions go, this is still a fairly new one.  A group of us at work put away £10 a month from February to December and then go out for a fantastic dinner before Christmas.  It's great - we all get a top notch dinner and a brilliant night out, and it's effectively already been paid for.    

5 - Motifs:  Stars.

There is a shocking lack of star related patterns/prints in our flat, so I'm going to honour of my favourite novels instead.


  1. Sparkly cake! Very festive.

  2. I know, right?! I want to spray all of my food gold and silver. It would make mealtimes so much more glamorous.

  3. Glitter spray for food? How utterly cool is that? Can you get red glitter? I'm seeing sparkly Caprese! LOL!

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