Saturday 23 April 2011

this week.

  1. The return of Doctor Who - tonight saw the return of the almighty Doctor and his three companions (yay for Rory the Roman!) and what a start to the new series it was. I can see that I'm going to spend a lot of time heroically hiding behind a cushion on Saturday evenings for the next few weeks...
  2. Rearranging the bookcase - now that Neko and Blythe have arrived (squee!) I've had to make some more room on our already very busy bookcase. I ended up taking everything off, giving it a good dust and then got to have fun putting everything back. I can't really rearrange the furniture in this place so it's a good substitute!
  3. Candybar - I recently discovered that there is a fun programme that allows you to change the dock icons on a Mac, so I'm now rocking the most amazing dock set up ever. I have ice lollies, bananas, cake, mushrooms... it's all going on!
  4. Indeepop - when I found out about Candybar I went on the hunt for gloriously crazy icons and I came across this gem.
  5. Thunderstorms - we had our first storm of the year this evening and I'm still smiling like a loon. I love thunder and lightning!

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