Saturday 19 March 2011

this week.

  1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - it's so nice to see something that you loved so dearly as a child being given a good treatment when it's rebooted years later. I haven't quite forgiven them for what they did to Polly Pocket (she's meant to fit in your pocket - POCKET!) so I was overjoyed to see My Little Pony being turned into something fun and exciting that adults seem to enjoy as well as the target audience.
  2. Japan Day - I really loved Cardy's suggestion to have a Japan Day. Lovely food was eaten, yummy/cute things were bought and a very good if somewhat confusing anime was watched.
  3. The Nintendo 3DS - I got to have a play on one of these beauties today and OH MY WORD it is spectacular! I think that tomorrow Cardy and I are going to be trawling the internet to find the best offer and then put in a pre-order. Squee!
  4. The free SXSW FreePak from Hipstamatic - I love it when Hipstamatic release free sets, especially when a new lens is involved. The new SXSW pack including the Tejas lens is full of fun.
  5. Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude - we did this in choir this week and it sounded amazing! I've had it in my head all weekend.

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