Sunday 13 March 2011

this week.

  1. Hearing survival stories from Friday's earthquake in Japan - I'd been nervously waiting to hear whether people I know via the internet were safe and it sounds like everyone is accounted for. I still can't get over how terrible it all is. My thoughts are with all those people who have been affected.
  2. Pancakes for breakfast - we decided to use the last of our eggs and made pancakes for lunch today. Pancakes + lemon juice + sugar = amazing.
  3. Later sunsets - it's such a treat to be able to leave work and it still be light outside.
  4. My new shortcut to work - not only does it take me past some very beautiful houses but it also shaves at least five minutes off my journey.
  5. Homemade soup - we've been cooking up huge batches of vegetable soup to go in the freezer. Gorgeous with some hot buttery toast.

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