Saturday 19 March 2011

japan day.

When Cardy suggested that we have our own little 'Japan Day' I thought it was a fantastic idea. The theory was that as well as donating some money to the relief fund at the Japan Centre on Regent Street we would, in our own small way, be contributing to the Japanese economy.

We started the day with lunch at Wagamama. I realise that Wagamama isn't actually a Japanese-owned company but we do love the food. I think we need to try to find an authentic Japanese restaurant in London, I'm sure there are plenty about. I've even heard we have one in Brixton! Anyway, I had the duck gyoza and ginger chicken udon with plum wine and Cardy had the mushroom and asparagus gyoza and chicken katsu curry with green tea. Delicious!

About a minute's walk from Wagamama is Japan Centre, perhaps one of my favourite food related stores in the city. We now have a stock pike of Pocky and other sweet goodies as well as rice seasoning for onigiri. I also bought a bento box with chopsticks and some cute little animal bento picks. I'm going to have to find some recipes for bento and give it a go!

Our day also included trying out the new Nintendo 3DS (I think we're going to put in a preorder tomorrow - eek!), buying a new anime DVD, Paprika (brilliant but somewhat confusing, just like all good anime should be) and searching gaming shops for the newly released Okamiden. Unfortunately it only looks like it's available online, so I'll have to have a nosey.

All in all a very good day. I think we should do it more often.

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