Friday 18 February 2011

this week.

  1. - I've never quite grown out of that girlish love of paper dolls so when I heard about I was THERE. Created in association with Vogue and featuring fashion from real designers it is every little girl's dream wardrobe simulator.
  2. Skating at Earl's Court - as there was a bout on Saturday we had our training session at Earl's Court. The floor is concrete and a bit lumpy but it was so much fun! I couldn't really walk for three days, but there you go, that's derby love for you.
  3. Valentine's Day - Cardy and I aren't hugely into Valentine's but we do exchange cards. I was also treated to a post-training back rub. He's a good'un.
  4. Cardy's ever increasing Japanese game collection - Cardy has recently got a Sega Saturn and Dreamcast and he's been buying Japanese video games from eBay. I'm eyeing up ChuChu Rocket! - oh the excitement!
  5. Late night noodles - I don't usually like to eat too late but on Saturday I really needed some food before going to bed so it was noodles in teriyaki sauce the rescue. Delicious!

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