Friday 11 February 2011

this week.

  1. Meeting up with old friends - I met up with a friend from uni on Sunday and a day of window shopping, Wagamama and gossip over Starbucks was had. It's always great when you meet up with someone you haven't seen for a while and you pick up the conversation like you'd only seen each other the day before.
  2. Japanese pickles - Cardy is torturing me by keeping a jar of red pickled veg in the fridge. I fear I may wake up on the kitchen floor one morning with the stuff smeared all over my face.
  3. South Park - thank you Viva for your week night showings of this fantastic cartoon. Cartman truly is a legend.
  4. Wearing PJs during the day - I was meant to have a girly day with a friend on Monday but she was 'more snot than human' (her words, not mine) so we had to cancel. I therefore spend the day in the flat, wearing pyjamas and eating pasta. Happy times.
  5. Creating palettes on Colour Lovers - so far I've been a watcher more than a do-er, but I've tried my hand at making some palettes and I've really enjoying it. Sometimes it's very frustrating, other times it just clicks.
  1. Firefly - Cardy fancied watching some Indiana Jones last week but we don't have any of the films on DVD. I suggested that Captain Mal might be a good substitute and so began a week of watching Firefly over dinner. Although I won't deny that it would be nicer to have more episodes of this amazing show I'm sort of glad that they cut it in its prime. Now it will have the tragic luxury afforded to those beautiful people who die young - it will be forever brilliant.
  2. Training so hard I have to sleep afterwards - exercise induced slumber is pretty wonderful.
  3. Super Mario Bros. - I don't want to sound like I'm full of myself, but myself and Cardy do rather rock when it comes to playing video games together. We manage to reach a level of Ultimate Zen Coupleness which allows us to become this perfectly in tune gaming machine. And when we don't do too well we find it absolutely hilarious. We're therefore greatly appreciating the experience that Super Mario Bros. offers.
  4. My new bag - I'm a bit gutted in that the custom bag that I'd ordered hasn't ever materialised, but I decided that rather than sit around a mope I should do something more productive about it. So I went out and bought a new one. From Desigual. Any excuse really. Needless to say it's a dream and I'm still not over the novelty of actually being able to fit my stuff in my handbag.
  5. I Love Katamari on iPhone - absolute glee! Portable Katamari = ultimate love.

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  1. it may be time to get out those Firefly videos and watch them again :)