Friday 28 January 2011

this week.

  1. The return of Being Human - myself and Cardy are both happy to see Series Three of Being Human on BBC3. A werewolf, vampire and ghost sharing a flat? Yes please!
  2. Choir - one word. Madonna. My WORD I am looking forward to our concert!
  3. My new haircut - I've got my Louise Brookes bob back and I'm loving it. I'm not having to sweep the hair out of my eyes anymore and it looks so glossy.
  4. Nakd's 'Cocoa and Orange' bar - I decided to try this out as an 'on the Tube' snack on my late nights this week. It's delicious and strangely filling. Definitely going to become a firm favourite.
  5. Cardy's bolognese - last weekend Cardy cooked up some bolognese for the freezer which we cracked into on Tuesday night. While it was defrosting he told me that he hadn't even tasted it. He didn't have to worry, it was brilliant, especially with garlic bread.
  1. Skinny jeans - roller derby is excellent. I can buy skinny jeans! And I don't look like a beast!
  2. Glee - namely the Britney Spears episode. 'I petted a snake'. Good for you Britt!
  3. Desigual's new collection - especially this top and this skirt. I'm already saving my pennies.
  4. Paramore - after last week's Glee I tracked down the original 'The Only Exception' and found Paramore's fantastic music video. I won't lie, I've been doing my usual trick of having my iPod on repeat.
  5. The 'just ordered new dolls' feeling - I finally ordered my Luka and Chloe. Now the waiting game starts! I don't mind the long production time, I've got so much to organise before they get here.

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