Friday 31 December 2010

this year.

This will be the year that...
  • Cardy and I finally moved in together and have had a glorious twelve months in our cosy flat in Brixton
  • I 'found my tribe' and 'became my own hero' by taking up roller derby (hey, don't judge me for the Whip It references!)
  • I made some amazing friends who can get away with knocking me on my bum
  • I finally listened to my mother and applied for a job in HR - I should've taken her advice sooner
  • Cardy and I experienced the Star Wars Lego explosion
  • I remembered how great it is talking to my dad about inane crap on the phone
  • I realised that I'm made of tougher stuff than I thought
  • I found that I rock a fringe and therefore found my perfect hairstyle
  • I discovered that I can actually bake stuff
  • I grew up and got a phone on contract
Bring on 2011!

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