Friday 10 September 2010

this week.

  1. London Rollergirls - I went to my first training session on Saturday morning and I am in love. I'll admit that I was aching for days afterwards, but I had so much fun and I'm so excited about the next practice.
  2. My first BJDs - I took some photos of the Merchant Twins the other day and remembered just why I fell in love with Fairyland dolls in the first place. They still take my breath away.
  3. The 'Love Lewin' Collection at T M Lewin - I'm starting a new job on Monday so went out to do some work clothes shopping today. I found the most amazing purple shirt. The ruffles!
  4. My parents - when I was at university my Mum would sometimes come and stay with me for the weekend. We would eat ice cream in bed and watch a chick flick, then go to Manchester and eat Nandos for lunch. We had so much fun. Last night I got to play host to my Dad. He crashed at the flat as he had to attend a two day conference in London. He treated myself and Cardy to a Chinese takeaway, I treated him to some Polish beer and we watched The Thick of It. I love being able to socialise with my parents.
  5. The Thick of It - Two words. Malcolm. Tucker. Google it.

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